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Aachen Merzbruch EDLA

Aachen is now just in Germany, having once been a French City called Aix.​ The airfield has a well maintained 800 meter runway. It is quite a distance from the City of Aachen by taxi - I would estimate about 10 miles. There are plenty of budget hotels in Aachen and a good selection of restaurants. The cathedral is famous for being the burial place of the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne. The day we were there Charlemagne was in competition with the local excellent beers and there was no contest. 

It isn't clear whether there are customs facilities there - we flew directly there in 2005 on the way to Poland from Headcorn (3h40) and no one seemed to mind.   That was however several years ago and there may be different attitudes today, so worth checking.  Three axis microlights are welcome but there is a prohibition on flexwings. The tower staff there were very helpful and showed us a lot of weather information for the onward journey.

Visited again in May 2013 returning from the Dambusters Memorial Rally. Fuel available with payment in cash or by card. Some difficulty with flight planning the next leg to Calais as they had a broken fax machine.  There are no catering facilities there but the airfield people were generally helpful - HMcB.



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