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Using your Radio Overseas

You should carry with you the original of your FRTOL - radio operator's licence - as well as the Installation Licence for your aircraft. You could be asked to provide either or both of these in a "ramp" check.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about the need to have a Language Proficiency endorsement on your FRTOL. This is still not clear and this page will be updated when the issue has been clarified.

This page is a Eurocontrol phraseology guide for General Aviation pilots flying in Europe, and this page gives details of the arrival and departure radio calls for French airfields

An informative article about using your radio at French airfields which are Air to Air in French only can be found on this link on the francoflyers website.

When reporting runway numbers it is acceptable to use single digits, it should be noted that French pilots may respond or make calls using complete numbers, i.e. "vingt" instead of "zéro deux". This can be confusing, and even dangerous if misinterpreted, so pilots are recommended to learn to identify the numbers 10 to 36 in French.



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