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Trips and Events

One of the key benefits of the Whitehill Farm is the organisation of trips abroad.  These range from simple overnight trips to France to more complex tours including Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Alps, Germany, etc.


The mutual support provided in both the pre-planning and the trip itself has encouraged many pilots to expand their horizons and capabiltiies.


Each year we support new members with their first cross-channel crossing (usually to somewhere relatively "local" like Dieppe or St Omer), as well as organise a larger trip.  


We usually hold two large social events a year,  a summer BBQ and a Christmas meal,  as well as many in-promptu joint flights to UK airfields including a monthly 'airfield of the month' that we organise through our e-group.


To get a taste for some of the Previous Trips and read the reports/blogs made.


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