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Previous Trip Reports

This page gives details of WFAeC member's reports about their trips abroad.


The reader will see that these range from simple trips to France to more complex ventures to the far corners of Europe, to Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Spain & Portugal, the Alps and all over France and Germany.


The Club provides a high level of mutual support from the pre-trip planning phases all the way through to the trip itself. This support has encouraged members to extend their horizons and capabilities.


KRAKOW POLAND 2005 - Rick Goddin in SkyRanger G-SKRG

​​NORTH WEST FRANCE 2008 - Anita & Ray Osborne in Rans S6 G-WYLE

RED BARON RALLY - GERMANY 200​​8 - Anita & Ray Osborne in CTSW G-CEWT


CARCASSONNE 2011 - Rick Goddin in Skyranger G-HMCB

SPAIN IN A FLEXWING 2012 - Laurie Hurman in Quik G-CDAX


DAMBUSTERS MEMORIAL RALLY 2013 - Various contributors


GERMANY ITALY CORSICA 2014 - A trip by Neil McAllister and three others written up in an informative and entertaining blog


MINI TOUR DE FRANCE 2015 - a well attended club outing around North and Western France reported by Geoffrey Coan in his blog


MINI TOUR DE FRANCE 2, 2016 - Blog of 10 members of the club touring all the way round France to the Mediterranean, returning via the Alps


DENMARK 2016 - Mike Hawkins and Marleen De Cleen's trip in C42 G-ZAVI to Denmark via Holland

LOIRE VALLEY FRENCH CHATEAU TOUR 2017 - Blog of touring the Loire Valley seeing the magnificent Chateau from above

REACHING FOR NEW HEIGHTS 2017 - Blog of a club trip around several of the French alti-ports in the Alps

DAMBUSTERS MEMORIAL RALLY 2018 - Blog of the 75th anniversary return trip to the German Dams and tour around Germany

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