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Flying microlights in France - Important Information



If you are planning to fly a microlight/ULM into and out of any aerodrome for which instrument approaches or departure procedures have been published you will, according to the regulations, need prior permission to do so. This is specified in the SIA's eAIP under ENR 


France offers a relaxed flying environment and many airfields - for example le Touquet LFAT - do not enforce this requirement but this does not relieve you of the obligation to satisfy yourself about the requirements of individual airfields. If you are in doubt it would be best to make a specific enquiry. 


Permission for a single visit could be requested by telephone or by email if you feel you need confirmation of the request. You should however note that permission must come from ATC, AFIS or the BRIA (regional office for flight information and assistance). The airfield management is not empowered to give this permission. For more regular visits it is possible to send in a written request for repeat visits but this is more likely to be of interest to pilots who are based in France. WFAeC can give more guidance on this on request.


You should also not assume, when looking at the usual SIA airfield VAC plates, that the lack of reference to ULMs can be taken to imply that there are no further formalities. In fact if no ULM is depicted in the heading then you should certainly undertake further enquiries. 



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