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​About us

​Whitehill Farm Aero Club (WFAeC) was founded in 2004 to encourage and facilitate touring abroad by British microlight and other sport pilots. The Club has over 70 active members, and many others who follow our activities on-line, and is therefore one of the largest flying clubs in the UK.


Since then, Club members have visited France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Italy, the Czech Republic, Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Hungary.

The Club also organises regular events in the UK.

Read about our trips and events later on the site.

There are no subscription or entrance fees. The Club is managed on co-operative lines and all members are encouraged to contribute to planning trips and  events. The Club is organised nationally through the internet and arranges its activities through a dedicated e-group. All are welcome to apply by sending an e-mail to

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