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Documents Checklist

When flying to France you should ensure that you have the following documents with you.  Occasionally at a larger airport you may be asked to produce them for a ramp check or to get back airside so don't leave them in the plane when you go into town !


  • UK Pilot’s Licence

  • UK Radio Operator’s Licence

  • Medical Certificate/Declaration

  • Aircraft Registration Document

  • Aircraft Permit to Fly

  • Annual Certificate of Validity

  • Radio Installation Licence

  • Noise Certificate

  • Load Sheet (Weight and Balance)

  • Insurance Certificate

  • CAA Leaflet 11: Interception Procedures - it is it is a legal requirement that you carry a copy of the CAA Interception Procedures when crossing an international border

  • CAA Leaflet 20c: VFR Flight Plans

  • AFPex: Flight Planning Guide

  • Flight plan forms

  • GAR UK Customs forms

  • Charts & Airfield information for all the airfields (and alternates) on your route

  • Passport & European Medical Card

  • Credit cards/Euros/BP Card

  • Hotel reservations papers/phone numbers

  • Local taxi details ( is quite useful for this and has Android and IOS apps as well)

  • Emergency telephone numbers:

    • Customs (for GAR):  Phone +44 845 723 1110

    • Flight Plans: AfPex Help Desk: +44 1489 612792


There has been debate within the WFAEC group as to whether you should take originals or high quality colour photocopies.  If you take both then you can leave copies in case you have an "incident" that requires you to prove your insurance, etc.



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