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Technical Website Help

This website has been created on the most up-to-date platform and is coded in HTML5, hosted by WIX Corporation.

WIX is one of the world's largest website design and support services and over 20 million websites are said to have been created on WIX platforms.

HTML5 is optimised to be compatible with most operating systems and browsers and was developed as an alternative to the FLASH system which would not operate on portable Apple Mac hardware, a major limitation given market trends in hardware and system purchases.

If however you are operating on Windows XP AND you are using Internet Explorer 8 then you may find that all the immediate functionality of this site is not available.  You may in particular find that when you click onto the site you receive an Error message. By clicking out of this you will gain access to the site.

If you intend to continue to operate on Windows XP you may care to consider using another browser such as Firefox or Chrome. Both of these are available as free downloads from the internet and will give a superior performance to IE8 when operating this site and, we suspect, others, using Windows XP.

These issues have been discussed on the internet at some length and you may find the following link helpful:

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