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Abbeville LFOI

Abbeville (pronounced Abbville not Abbeyville or Abberville please) is a convenient first stop from England, being about an hour and a half from Headcorn, via Dover Mast and Cap Gris Nez.


The airfields customs facilities were unfortunately withdrawn by the French government in October 2016 which no doubt will unfortunately reduce its popularity for visiting UK pilots.

On the airfield there is a motel with 15 bedrooms and a restaurant/cafe which overlooks the airfield. Lunch and evening meals are good value in the restaurant but lunchtime can get quite busy with passing vehicle trade so it is recommended to arrive early for lunch, Avgas and Mogas are available on the apron, but not at lunchtime when "Pierre le Pump" goes for his lunchbreak. It is also possible to camp on the airfield. The flying club has a bunkhouse sleeping six, with showers, and this has been put at the disposal of one of our members passing through.

The motel telephone number is 00 33 3 22 24 11 91 if you want to make reservation.  Circa €60 B&B from memory.


Landing fees are just €4.

The town of Abbeville is only a few miles from the airfield.  


May 2012: A laid back atmosphere pervades the place. 


August 2013: As reported previously but the filing of flight plans was a shambles, as the chap there mysteriously disappeared and the plans had not been filed.  Better the greater proficiency of Le Touquet, we felt, even at the higher cost involved.


March 2014: A small group of WFAeC called in for an overnight stop. We had made the mistake of booking the Budget Ibis which is out on an industrial estate and nowhere  near anything of interest. Taxis in Abbeville are very scarce and it took nearly all afternoon to get into the hotel from the airfield. with the same taxi shuttling to and fro. In the evening about half the group managed to get into the town, which was better than our modest expectations. We ate at the Auberge de la Corne, 32 Chaussee du Bois, Abbeville, and had a very decent meal in comfortable surroundings having previously had a few beers at the Bar Royal just up the street. Both are recommended on this showing. Next time, we will spend a little more and stay centrally I think. 


May 2015: We completed customs and refuelling at Abbeville as part of our Mini Tour de France. Lots of runways to choose from but  don't get confused between 02 and 20. Landing fee an unremarkable €4. Describing runways in French should always be by the whole number, not digits, so 20 is "vingt" not "deux zero". An enforced overnight stay at Abbeville on the way back - took an onsite room at €55, basic but adequate.


June 2015: the WW1/WW2 battlefields tour started with a stop at Abbeville. Stayed in the town at the Relais de Vauban - about €70 from memory and well located for local bars and restaurants.

Continue to recommend the Auberge de la Corne for dinner - not budget levels but a very good standard. 

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On final approach for R02. The grass runway is very bumpy and the hard surface recommended

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