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Amiens Glisy LFAY

Amiens was our first stop on the way further South and we had hoped to have lunch at the restuarant on the airfield. However we were told that it was full and that we should have booked. We then asked for fuel and were told that we would need to find a club member willing to put it on his Total card and take cash from us. Luckily we did find someone willing to do that as the alternative would have been taxis to filling stations. We were also told that the radio was only in French and we should not have making calls in English.

All in all, we didn’t get fed but we did get fuel eventually. It didn’t feel a very friendly place. (LB & RG, June 2007)

A WFAEC member and a friend dropped in unannounced with IMC closing in all around us. Our radio calls were English at a Fr. seulement airfield. As we touched down with the rain getting heavier we were greeted with an open hangar; the ULM instructor pressed his car keys into my hand to go into town for food and mogas. When we returned he offered us the clubhouse to sleep in and helped with advice to dodge the bad weather the following day. 


Top bloke, superb welcome and assistance. ​(RM 2012)


Four WFAEC planes stopped off at Amiens in 2016 as part of the Mini Tour de France 2 as decreasing cloud base meant we couldn't get to our planned destination of Abbeville.  No-one was in the tower as we all made blind radio calls on our approach and landing.  Fortunately one of the party was equipped with a Total card so we were able to refuel ourselves and then find accomodation overnight.  We decided to stay at the Formulae 1 motel which was only 10 minutes walk from the airport at the adjacent retail park.  Rooms were clean and basic but suited our needs.   The plan had been to take a taxi into town and eat there but the receptionist told us that we would be charged at least €25 as they start the meter when they are booked from Amiens.  We elected instead to find somewhere local and ended up at a very popular "all you can eat Chinese buffet" place near to the motel and airport.  We were very stuffed afterwards !


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