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Autun LFQF

Called at this airfield, for the purpose of a break and refuelling, en route to Italy in 2009.​ AvGas was available and one of our number trekked off to a fuel station carrying jerrycans for Mogas. The Club members were very busy organising their annual dinner event. They were genial but obviously had better things to do. We were also in a bit of a hurry as we wanted to spend the night at Bourg en Bresse (which we didn't reach until the sun was setting at about 2200 local). The evening was remarkably clear but we had a very foggy start next day at Bourg.

There is an interesting hill on final approach to their (hard) R36.  Worth noting as a refuelling stop but nothing known about the hinterland. The town looks as though it is picturesque. Visited Summer 2009

The airfield does not appear to have a website.

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