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Avranches LFRW

​I haven't been to this airstrip since 2006. It's located on a floodable area just up the beach to the east of Mont St Michel. The runways are grass and are part of the saltmarsh margins. We visited on 5 September which is close to the highest tides of the year but this wasn't intended as an overnight stop. 

WE were frankly told that no fuel could be provided to visitors. Current airfield information is that the airfield is only avaiiable to home based aircraft or by permission but I think this was the case when we went there. There is a small club house with hot drinks etc but little else, so we pushed off fairly quickly to Granville, the next stop on our way home (from Blois via the Atlantic coast). The town of Avranches is some distance away on solid ground and nothing is known of it. Visited September 2006

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