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Beaune LFGF

 Called into Beaune in June 2007 after a 2h25 flight from Sezanne (the scene of the infamous broken bar at the Hotel de France!) en route to Italy, via Gap Taillard. I remember this trip well as it was the last time that I flew with the late Steve Sebastian, one of the great characters of microlighting. The airfield at Beaune is in the middle of huge vineyards which must be one of the worst places to have an engine failure, with posts and wires everywhere. We only stopped for an hour, to refuel and have a refreshment break, before pushing on to Bourg en Bresse. An evening flight to Gap ensued.

There did not seem to be much infrastructure at the airfield. The town of Beaune is of course the capital of the Burgundy wine growing area and famous for the Hospices de Beaune.

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