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Bergerac LFBE

Bergerac is a significant regional airport and has jet traffic both from the UK and elsehwhere. The formalities are however straightforward. We made a call from 10 miles out and received joining instructions, following which we landed and parked on hard standing. There were however no tie downs on that apron so anyone staying overnight, for example, would be advised to make further enquiries before deciding to go there.

When you leave the aircraft make sure to take your pilot's licence and photo ID as you will need to show these when going through security to get back to the aircraft. 

The airport has typical airport catering facilities. 

Landing fee was just a few euros and payable at an office near the terminal which took a bit of finding. Ask for "atterissage" if you are speaking to any officials.

We only stayed there briefly and bought some fuel before going on to Carcassonne. Visit July 2011.

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