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Bullingen EBBN

When I first landed at this delightful airfield I thought there must have been something seriously wrong with my navigation, because most aircraft seemed to have a D reg, the locals spoke German and all the signs and notices were in that language. It was only when I reached the very nice aeroclub bar and saw the prices in Belgian francs that I breathed a sigh of relief. It was the Treaty of Versailles, not navigation, that I needed to brush up on !

Situated at 2066' amsl, in a picturesque area where the Ardennes meet the Eifel range, Bullingen airfield is shared by microlights and model aircraft. 

Although it is classified as a microlight airfield, I have seen an Antonov AN2 offering pleasure flights there. The modellers are proud to show off their workshop and hangar, and rightly so, because it is impressive.


A good time to visit is during the airfield's Open Weekend in July, when pilots attending the fly-in are welcomed to food and refreshments in a large marquee, with an Oompah band playing music that undelines the local heritage.



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