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Castellon de la Plana LECN

LECN Castellon De La Plana is a busy little airfield on the Spanish coast approximately 30 nms North of Valencia. 


It has hard runways with flying schools and water bombers based there.  Fuel is available and there is also a friendly flying club.  It is a short walk to the seafront where there are a selection of restaurants providing typical Spanish food. 


We did not stay overnight and were given an interesting departure brief by the local QFI, the gist of which was stay below 500 feet and turn off transponders until South of Valencia!   (RWO 11.7.10).​


Castellon runway 18/36 is asphalt but as at January 2017 is in poor condition in places, likely due to the Pilatus Turbo Porter sky dive jump ship in and out all day! It has a minimum LDA of 576m. Compacted earth runway 03/21 is listed as closed currently. As a sky dive centre care needs to be taken but when we transitted there the radio operator did speak good English. When we were departing I also saw a group getting ready to tow-launch hang gliders. Friendly, busy airfield with a good bar/restaurant. We night stopped at one of the several holiday beach hotels within a short walk; double room and breakfast for 2 for about €75 - cheaper at reception than on a major booking website. Landing/overnight parking at the airfield was €6 but Avgas is expensive, about €2.30/L !


We found Valencia ATC very helpful enabling us to transit along the coast at 1500ft under a low cloud base through their CTR with a good traffic service. They do have a published VFR transit route shown on the chart, which we had flight planned for. The alternative would be to transit below their TMA at just under 1000ft TMA just a couple of miles out from the coast for about 15nm.   (Adrian Whitmarsh Jan 2017)



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