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Charleville Mézières LFQV

A possible stop on the way to/from Germany. One of the issues has been not been able to pay for fuel other than by invoice and euro cheque whiuch had to be done through one of our banks on return. A visitor reports that  "We all met up at Charleville which had a met suite that would not have disgraced Heathrow.  It showed bad weather moving up the channel.  We all thought that the radio traffic was quiet into Charleville and after landing found that they had changed frequency.  The only drawback  to Charleville is that you cannot pay cash for fuel, a bill has to be sent and paid from a euro account. "  

On one occasion when we called there and asked about lunch and restaurants we were escorted on foot across a field at the back to the local tennis club where they prepared a cold lunch for us.

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