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Courchevel LFLJ

Courchevel is an altiport 6580 above sea level requiring PPR, (particularly if you are a microlight and don’t have a transponder!) PPR was readily granted during a brief telephone call to the tower a couple of weeks ahead of my intended visit, on condition I ring the tower again for final confirmation the day before arrival.  Courchevel AFIS opening hours are not published in the SIA guide, they are only published by French NOTAM which I couldn’t find. This meant making a number of phone calls on 00 33 4 79 08 26 02 until I finally called when the tower was open!

Ringing the day before arrival I was told by the controller that the tower would be closed next day, but it was still OK to fly in following the SIA directions. I was also told that with the tower closed there would be no landing fee. On arrival (Aug 2012) there is a flat parking area at the very top of the runway, and it is necessary to park well off to the side of the runway to avoid obstructing the view of departing aircraft.

There was a cafe at the alti-port run by the flying school based there. They were very friendly and served coffees, ice creams and cold drinks. The restaurant on the far side of the runway was closed and looked like it only opened during the ski season. The flying school told me the landing fee when the “AFIS” is operating is 70 Euros! So landing when the AFIS was closed was a blessing in disguise, and probably accounted for the airport being so busy during my visit.. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It’s easy. Just click “Edit Text” or double click me and you 

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