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Deauville LFRG





Significant and busy regional airport with commercial and private jet traffic. One long hard runway. Entry formalities a bit tedious, but make sure to tell them that you are microlight / ULM as there is a big difference in landing fees. AvGas was available from a travelling bowser. We did not visit Deauville town itself, although we believe it to be charming, but our destination was Honfleur, that gem of a harbour based town well-loved of french and foreign tourists. Be warned, Honfleur is a long way from Deauville Airport - our taxi had a charge of €55 on its meter but we did have seven on board, so tolerable. 


The town of Honfleur is a bit like Le Touquet on steroids - booming with tourist traffic and offering a huge array of very similar places to eat around its harbour. The harbour itself is to die for though and there cannot be better sights in Northern France or indeed anywhere. Expect to pay through the nose for vital supplies such as beer


One redeeming feature is the presence of two Ibis hotels very centrally positioned, one of them the ultra-cheap Ibis Budget.


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