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Dieppe LFAB

Dieppe never ceased to satisfy as a destination which can be reached easily from England, either from Headcorn or from virtually anywhere in the Home Counties. After crossing the Channel at Cap Gris Nez it's a simple journey down the coast, passing overhead or close by le Touquet. Dieppe is a pleasant fishing port, with a minimal ferry business serving the UK and other French ports. Now the need to stop elsewhere for customs has taken some of the shine away. Take care to avoid the nuclear installation at Penly to the NE of Dieppe.

There are loads of mainly fish restaurants along the popular Quai Henri IV where a pleasant evening can be whiled away. The Café des Tribunaux, at the end of Grande Rue, is a good place to take drinks etc. Dieppe is famous for its Saturday morning market which is one of the largest in provincial France. The airfield, about 8 km out of town in St Aubin, is well accustomed to welcoming visitors from the UK although there is no longer any Customs facilities there, which means an enforced stop either at Abbeville LFOI or le Touquet LFAT. Taxis can be summoned from the flying club at Dieppe.

The Etap Hotel in Dieppe is only a few hundred meters from the main shopping street. Another hotel, well regarded by our travellers, is the Aguado, which is on the main sea front. It's worth being in Dieppe for the Saturday market, said to be one of the largest in the whole of France. Beers or coffee at the historic Café des Tribunaux, a haunt of Oscar Wilde and Monet, is a good way of contemplating the next stage. Regular visitor.


2013: The Etap Hotel has been sold and is now called the EGG Hotel. It is basically unchanged and has the same cancellation policies - ie no charge if you have booked at the flexible rate and cancel before 1800 on the day of arrival. For bookings of more than one night it is advisable to make multiple reservations as each night can be cancelled independently of the other night(s). (RG) A good base for a visit to Dieppe (March 2014)

Take care with the grass taxiways and other grass areas at Dieppe. After rain they are very boggy, enough to get stuck in and one of our group suffered a prop strike (March 2014)


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