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Falaise LFAS






Although Falaise (Monts d'Eraines LFAS) states on the airfield plate that it is only open for home-based aircraft and those from neighbouring airfields,  in practice there wasn't a problem for a WFAeC member who telephoned to request PPR and to be able to buy fuel.

Falaise is situated in the Calvados region of central Normandy, just south of Caen, about 120 miles from Abbeville.  It has a very large 100x850m grass runway, clubhouse, hangars and Avgas fuel and is situated in a fairly rural location.

When our intrepid club member landed and needed fuel (at 6:30pm after the club had shut), one of the pilots based there offered to take our pilot down to the local town to buy fuel from the garage as the Avgas pump was locked.  Eventually a key was found and our pilot was able to buy fuel.

Although we only had limited experience from a single visit, certainly would be possible to drop in again.



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