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Flers St Paul LFOG














Our second overnight stop, after Abbeville, on the June 2015 WW1/WW2 battelfields tour. From there it is a simple northbound journey to the D day beaches.


The airfield is a very short distance from the town, possibly walkable but a cheap ride in a taxi. It has a good tarmac runway. When we visited, the flying club had some sort of party going on and we were regaled with glasses of wine.


Stayed at the Ibis Styles hotel, a better class of Ibis than our usual haunts, and not too far to walk into town.


The town is unexceptional, but pleasant enough with well placed bars etc. We took dinner at the Bistrot Gourmand, the 12 of us outnumbering the

other patrons by about 4 to 1!


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