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Gera - Leumnitz   EDAJ 

This newly reconstructed regional airport lies inside the old Deutsche Demokratische Republik and is a good example of public money being spent after reunification. The magnificent new building and tower with their marble floors sit alongside the ramshackle remains of the old airfield buildings. I have been there twice, once in 2005 on the way home from the Red Baron Rally to Poland and more recently (2008) on the way back from Berlin Tempelhof. On the first occasion a couple of us stayed at a gasthaus some way from the airport and were taken there by Reinhard Günther, the CFI of the flying school.

The second time we were there at around 1000 am and found little going on. It proved impossible to get any refreshments. (RG)

A Canadian visitor to the town describes it thus:  “Gera can not be considered to be a typical tourist town. Nevertheless a visit can be a good experience if you are open minded and have special interests…………….” She did not say what the special interests might be.

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