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Granville Mont Saint Michel LFRF 

My recollection of this airfield is somewhat hazy (2006) but I recall it not being favourable.  We called there on the way to Cherbourg as part of a trip to Northern France of which a highlight was flying along the D-Day beaches and Mulberry harbour at Arromanches. This was intended as a refuelling stop as we thought it would be easier than refuelling at the much larger airport of Cherbourg. As it turned out getting fuel at Cherbourg turned out to be straightforward.

At Granville we could find no one to help us with the fuel. We did arrive at around lunch-time but the main disappointment was that although the microlight club was manned they did not take the slightest interest in helping us. 

From what another member said to me a few years later we had an unfortunate experience and he had been well received.

More, and current, information would therefore be helpful.  The airfield is on the western coast of the Cotenin Peninsula which extends to Cherbourg and is close to the site of Mont St Michel. Beware the exclusion zone around the latter and, if going on to Cherbourg, the various forbidden (nuclear) areas in that vicinity.

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