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Jindrichuv Hradec LKJH

An unexciting airfield which was used as a refuelling stop on the way to Budapest, and did not venture away from site due to lack of time. It had both Mogas and Avgas.


It has a large grass and tarmac runways, as befits an East European airfield. None of the people spoke English, but did not prevent them giving us a cup of coffee in the clubhouse, dealing with our flight plans, or relieving us of our landing fee. The on site restaurant was not open so no comment.

When we were there, there was a trance/spaced out music festival going on in the car park, where the music was so loud one couldn’t hear ones self think, and we were only too glad to leave.


Understand that it is actually close to a pleasant town, which has a bit of history and probably worth a visit.


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