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Konstanz EDTZ

​A group of us flew down to Konstanz for the day from Donaueschingen, on the Club's Black Forest rally in 2006. At the time Konstanz did nor permit flexwing microlights to land there and this point should be checked before planning such a trip. The approach to the airfield takes you downwind over the Rhine with final approach over the town onto R30.  The airfield was manned, at the small control tower at the NW end but there did not seem to be any facilities there. We were able to hire bicycles from the men in the tower and had a pleasant ride down into the town of Konstanz where lunch was procured. After that, a short bicycle ride over the river Rhine took us to the Swiss border where, after passport facilities, we were able to pedal into Switzerland. And then back again ten minutes later!

It seemed that Konstanz would be a good destination for a day or two as there are plenty of hotels, bars and restaurants. Later research on this point indicated that Konstanz is something of a premium resort and there isn't much in the way of lower priced accommodation.

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