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Korbach EDGK

Korbach is a grass airfield just a couple of kilometers from the eponymous town. It is managed by Hans Stapelfeldt and his lovely wife Brigitte. Hans is a former Luftwaffe pilot on F104 Starfighters (the "widow-maker").

It would be difficult to find more friendly and charming hosts. There are good facilities at the airfield although mogas is not available on tap, but can be procured.  In May 2013 Hans and Brigitte gave us a splendid welcome with a cold buffet lunch and a good supply of beers and other refreshments. Hans also arranged for us to be interviewed and photographed by the local press.

They also entered fully into the spirit of my birthday which was spent in Korbach.

There is no aero club as such, the airfield provides hangarage and facilities for a number of resident aircraft

We were weathered in for an extra day in Korbach but all had agreeable lodgings at the Hotel Goldflair am Rathaus, a quirky hotel in the town centre but with good accommodation and facilities. The town is a mixture of very old and new, with some points of considerable interest. 

In the evenings it is not too difficult to find agreeable bars and restaurants, including a Turkish bar complete with bubble pipes etc.  

May 2018 we returned to Korbach for the 75th Dambusters Memorial Tour and again Hans and Brigitte made us very welcome with a bottle of cold beer and the local press to interview and photograph our tour group on arrival !

We didn't have such luck with lodgings as or the Hotel Goldflair had somehow messed up our booking;  on arrival they had no record of our bookings at all.  Fortunately they phoned round and found us accommodation in the Hotel am Dalwigker which was just down the road and had very recent;y been refurbished to an extremely high (and modern) standard.  Rooms there were just €48 per night (including breakfast) and we ate a very good evening meal there as well.  Recommended.

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