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Los Garanchos ULM


Located just 5nm north-west of Murcia San Javier airport, just outside their ATZ but within the CTR, Los Garranchos is a friendly LSA & ULM airfield with an active club house / bar / cafe.


Runway 06/24 is 470m of good asphalt, with 2 large hangars. Call owner/operator Pedro (who speaks a little English and is very helpful) for PPR.


The main issue with flying into Los Garranchos is its closeness to San Javier, which is a military run airport / fast jet base. Consequently Los Garranchos can only operate weekdays after 15:00 and weekends/holidays.

Technically to operate into San Javier's CTR you need to file a flight plan (as required by Spanish regulations for flying in controlled airspace) but on my first local flight there I just called San Javier approach, who didn't really want to know!


So I said goodbye and just kept to the local airfield frequency of 130.125 and a listening watch on San Javier.


The advice therefore is to keep below 1000ft AGL and avoid military flying times - and listen out on San Javier frequency.


Just recently British instructor Keith Reynolds has set up his Spanish-based school there, Sunflight Aviation, so call Keith for latest info on either +44 7775 742582 or +34 634 313972.      (Adrian Whitmarsh, Jan 2017)



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