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Mégève LFHM

Mégève is an altiport at the foot of the Mont Blanc massif and is at 4800 AMSL. In the winter the area is snowbound and there is evidence all around of the skiing activity which goes on there.  One of the hazards of an outlanding would be avoiding the ski lifts etc.

We did not go into the town which lies in a valley below the airfield. We stopped there on the way to Italy more out of curiosity as no fuel was uplifted nor did we take any refreshments.  Microlight pilots are exempt from the usual altiport requirement to have a mountain rating.

On approach one is struck by the shortish upward sloping tarmac strip and the rock walls which lie at the end of it which would make a go-round an interesting experience. The main airfield buildings are at the top of the slope.

Even for experienced and iconic pilots of the WFAeC landing at Mégève proved a challenge and we virtually all landed somewhat on  the short side as did not apply enough power in the thin air to counteract sink.

Still, it was one for the logs.

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