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Nitra LZNI

A large airfield essentially designed for gliding so very wide, and long, and rough. But it is international, and therefore a place for flight plans. Web-site in English, but don’t expect fluent usage.  (Mind you, I haven’t seen any British airfield sites in Slovakian) Also home of Eurofox aeroplane manufacturers. We stayed only long enough for a drink and file the flight plans before going on to Hungary.

Flying in Slovakia needs a permit, which is easily got by email and lasts a month and a half.

Landed here going and coming back from Budapest, but the weather was not good enough for us to use the outside swimming pool and other facilities mentioned on the web site. Club house has accommodation, but did not inspect it. (Not sure about the electrified campsite either!)

However due to strong head winds was able to do a vertical landing. 

Café/Bar on site, which looked interesting, and the people were friendly.


Visited May 2012



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