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Pobiednik Wielki EPKP

Pobiednik Wielki is a grass airfield a few km to the east of Krakow and the home of the Krakow Aero Club.

The airfield is close to the mighty River Wistula and liable to flood after persistent rain.


I visited in June 2005 with six other British microlights and we were royally entertained by the K.A.C who put on a barbecue for us and a great meal in the city one evening.  Getting into Krakow would be simple by taxi, we had the advantage of being chauffeured around.


The approach to the airfield takes you over the massive steel works and urbanization of Nuova Huta to the east of Krakow, a terrible blight on the landscape and a monument to communism.


The city of Krakow itself is charmingly mediaeval, a good place to stay being the Hotel Saski which is a stone's throw from the market place. There is no shortage of restaurants and bars in the immediate neighbourhood. Things to do in Krakow include the largest salt mine in the country and the infamous concentration camp at Auschwitz- Birkenau, both of which are considered to be essential places  to see. 

Another place well worth visiting in Krakow is the Polish Air Museum, a short tram ride out from the centre.



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