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Rothenburg ob der Tauber EDFR

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a magnificent destination, being one of the best preserved mediaeval towns in the whole of Europe. The airfield is only a short distance from the town, which is itself compact, and one of our number was collected by the gasthaus owner with whom he was staying. 

The airfield has the usual facilities, with parking on the grass near the hard taxiway, a club house where refreshments can be had and a refueling apron. When we were there they were testing high powered cars on the runway and taxiways but this did not interfere with our departures.

There are numerous places to stay in the town, some of them remarkably good value for such a premium destination. Anywhere within the walled area is an easy walk to the main part of the town. Eating establishments and cafés can be found throughout the central area.

There is a railway service to Nuremburg which isn’t that  far away but the service is not direct.

Rothenburg ODT is a destination in its own right and a couple of nights would be amply justified.

Visited June 2008


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