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Saumur St Florent LFOD

Close to the broad River Loire the airfield is a short taxi ride from the town of Saumur sur Loire. Landing on the westerly R28 will take you directly over the town with a bird's eye view of the famous chateau.The airfield is active with microlights and GA/parachuting but on three visits I have always encountered difficulty in getting fuel. The pump is automated Air Total and it wasn't possible to find someone to operate it on our behalf for a cash payment. I therefore would not recommend relying on refuelling there.

Recommended hotel is the Hotel de Londres in a main street near the town centre.  Try and get a room at the back of the hotel because there is a lot of traffic noise from the street. From here you can easily wander down to the bridge over the broad Loire, or go up into the old town where there is a good choice of restaurants. The château is open to visitors if you like that sort of thing.    


Visited Summer 2010.



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