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Sedan Douzy LFSJ

August 2013: An overnight stop on the way to Tannheim 2013. The airfield has a good hard runway. When we arrived it was deserted apart from a departing Belgian aircraft. There were no club members in attendance and everything was firmly locked up. We met a few local Gendarmes who were hanging around and they said that they felt the place was reasonably secure. The airfield is surrounded by various construction projects and these are well patrolled. There is a small hotel - Le Croix D’Or - in the local village of Douzy which is in walking distance of the airfield. This was fully booked and our hotel reservation in Sedan itself at the Campanile was an agreeable billet. By chance we had the services of a first class taxi driver (Number?????)


In the town there is a huge castle – probably one of the first of its type.

May 2018: A fuel stop on the way back from the Dambusters 2018 tour.  Despite being advertised on the plate as fuel available and severa; people around we couldn't find anyone who knew how to or had the keys to dispense fuel.  A short walk across the road we found a cafe for lunch but we had to move on to Lens to buy fuel from their Total machine for the journey back to the UK.

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