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Sézanne St Rémy LFFZ 

A convenient stopping point when travelling south west from Abbeville or Amiens, being about two hours flying time away.The Aero Club people were very friendly and fuel was available.

We stayed overnight at the Hotel de France, near the town centre, and found an agreeable restaurant nearby. The Hotel is the scene of the now infamous "broken bar" incident which resulted in one of our number shaving off his beard during the night so as not to be identified by the management in the morning.  We visited in June 2007 on the way to Gap Tallard and thence to Italy. I suspect that by now the "bar incident" has receded in their memories.


August 2013: A fuel stop between Langres LFSU and Abbeville LFOI. There were two chaps at the airfield tinkering with aircraft and they were able to mobilise the fuel pumps for us, with UL Mogas available on the apron.

Airfield website is reported as not secure



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