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Troyes Barberey LFQB

Three Skyrangers called in on the way home from Carcassonne. Some of the guides will tell you that ULM/microlights are not welcome here, although permission can be obtained. We did not have this permission and received a very hostile reception. Nonetheless we were allowed to remain there and parked on the main apron opposite the tower.

Investigating the hotel near the airfield revealed that it was very expensive and we decided to go into town, which is a mediaeval gem. We lodged at the IBIS which is very convenient. There are many restaurants in the town centre.

​The following morning the hostilities at the airport had ceased and everyone was very pleasant. A lesson, though, in getting PPR!! Landing fee was unmemorable   (RG 2011)

Another visitor (JT) reports:

​Large AFIS airfield with long concrete runway. Microlights must ring the tower for PPR, and will be told to call again the day before arrival. Remember to do that, I forgot on my first visit and received a lengthy lecture about it from the controller on my arrival. That is still my biggest single memory of visiting this airfield! The airfield has 100LL fuel available and a restaurant in the terminal building. The restaurant opening times seem to depend on how much air traffic is scheduled on any given day. My second visit to Troyes (Aug 2012) was trouble free, but I did not find it a welcoming airfield. On both my visits I was one of a group of microlights, and I believe the controller was struggling with his English with so many aircraft arriving simultaneously. Fuel available


Another visitor (CL) reports:

As requested here is our experience of going into Troyes on 1st July 2013.

Finally gave up on sending a fax to PPR and resorted to e-mail a copy of the fax as attached (see e-mail below).

On arrival we had a very good reception - from initial call to the tower to the ground handling desk who were most helpful with refueling (UL91), tie-down and taxi arrangements.vCould not fault them and would not hesitate to use them again.

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