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Valenciennes Denain LFAV

Valenciennes Denain is an historic WW2 airfield. It no longer has French Customs facilities which is a pity as it was well positioned as a first port of call for flights routed through or to the south of Luxembourg into Germany, without having to enter Belgian airspace. The latter now requires a permit which costs around €100 per annum.  In any case, the route through Belgium is essentially low level, in ordfer to avoid many areas of restriction and controlled air space.

Nonetheless,  Valenciennes is still a useful stopover as there is a bar/restaurant on the airfield and a nearby Hôtel Kyriad and an Ibis Budget hotel within walking distance. The latter is however a long way from the town centre but we have no reports on whether visiting the town is a worthwhile journey.

AvGas is available at Valenciennes and the service is generally good and friendly.

A number of members of the Whitehill Farm group were stuck with low cloud in Valenciennes for 2 days as part of the 2018 Dambusters memorial tour.  They found that the Pub Nungesser was very welcoming and hospitable.  The WFAeC members camped and the pub opened up the clubhouse for them,  food was very reasonably priced and excellent quality,  and the bar was well stocked !

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