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Vera ULM

Aeroclub Vera is a privately owned ULM site located on the coastal plain halfway between Cartegena and Almeria with mountains north, south and west. Set in a dip between low hills at an elevation of 200ft, about 3 miles from the beach at 37 15 40 N 001 51 09 W.  PPR from owners Marion & Gunter Muller. Marion speaks limited English but fluent Spanish, call on +34 607 316553 or email Mention these notes here and that you are a WFAeC member.


The airfield has a hard runway 400 mtrs long orientated 15/33, hard taxiway and large hangar south of the runway with a clubhouse room and even a small apartment above for pilots to rent. Due to a dispute with a neighbour there is currently a fence across the eastern end of the runway and thus a displaced threshold reducing runway length to about 375m. Beware that the approach to runway 15 has a low hill about half mile from the threshold that has a small pylon left of centreline with cables across the approach. Once clear of that some 3-axis aircraft may need to side slip to lose height to touch down on the threshold. The approach to runway 33 is over ground slightly higher than the airfield with a low single-cable power line on the crest. Aim for the displaced threshold and all is fine. 


Wind socks are located on eastern end of the hangar and also at the eastern end of the taxiway. Because the airfield is in a dip winds are often light and in warmer weather often from the east, with a sea breeze. But the wind can change quickly and become strong. The mountains do create their own local weather systems.


The airfield is in the middle of nowhere, with Vera town a good 10-15mins walk. Vera Player (beware the nudist end!) and its immediate neighbour Puerto Rey are about a 15mins taxi ride, as is the better Spanish fishing port of Garrucha. Here you will find various accommodations and ample tapas bars, chiringuitos (beach bars/restaurants open summer only) and inexpensive restaurants serving excellent fish dishes. Aim to pay no more than €3 for a 'pinta' and around €12 for a 3-course menu deal (dia).


Airspace: there is significant military restricted airspace in this area. In 2015 an additional area LER63 was added that covers an extensive area starting at 2000ft AMSL. Which is pretty frustrating considering there are mountains of up to 7000ft in the area! The good news is that this is only active Mon-Fri so not weekends, and also not holidays, of which Spain has many.


WFAeC members visited Vera in 2010 and commented:

"We arrived as the sun was going down behind the hills and by the time we had tied the aircraft down it was completely dark. 


Accommodation in the form of a caravans and appartments were provided for an overnight stay but the enduring memory is of an infestation of mosquitoes all night long.  Food had been pre-ordered and the airfield owners were friendly and helpful. 


I cannot comment on the local area as we did not leave the airfield environs. (RWO  11.7.10)"


More recently club member Adrian Whitmarsh has been based at Vera through the 2016/17 winter season and provided the above updates.



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Short final to runway 15

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