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Vichy Charmeil LFLV

We stopped overnight at Vichy Charmeil on our return journey from Gap Tallard.  

The airfield is not badly placed for the eponymous spa town but a taxi needs to be summoned. There is a large passenger terminal at the airport but this was completely unattended when we arrived and we had to walk down to the Aero Club even to get landside from the apron. There we were able to find someone to phone for taxis.

Accommodation at the Hotel de la Plage (where was the beach, I wondered?) was more than adequate and well positioned for the town centre. We took our supper at the Restaurant d’Alligator, which is on the banks of the broad river (?lake) on which Vichy is situated.

The following day we departed after refueling, which was supervised by a friendly person from the Aero Club.

A useful stopping point in mid-France and, of course, a well visited spa town, famous for its mineral water and for being the seat of Government in occupied France. 

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