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Zuienkerke EBZU

In April 2007 a number of us flew into Zuienkerke to visit Bruges for two days. The airfield is grass and not that far from the city, although we had the benefit of being taking in there by club  members, led by our contact Gilbert de Broucke. The airfield people were very friendly, we were able to refuel and the aircraft were parked securely.

Bruges is a great destination, although accommodation is at a bit of a premium. I stayed at the Hotel Ter Brugge at around €100 a night, but it was centrally located and a short walk from everywhere. The main square has a number of restaurants and bars.

On approaching the airfield it is easy to clip the corner of the Oostende CAS and one of our number was asked to phone the tower there on arrival. No names – no pack drill!

This airfield is strictly PPR and permission will only be granted to 3-axis microlights powered by 4-stroke engines. Having passed that hurdle, you can be assured of a very warm welcome.

On one visit bicycles lying in the hangar were dusted off so that 6 of us could ride to the popular seaside resort of Blankenberge. Using quiet back roads this is a pleasant 10 mile ride through the flat country typical of West Flanders.

Blankenberge is a thriving town during the summer, where visitors can enjoy a good meal at one of the many restaurants with tables set out on the sidewalk, overlooking the beach.



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