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Ozzano Emilia Aer Delta 

This airfield lies to the SE of the town of Ferrara. We were staying at Icaro Village and called in there to get some fuel as we had intended a day trip to Lake Garda to the North. As it turned out, the weather in that direction closed in and we needed to shoot back to Ferrara ahead of it. 

At Air Delta (where we were presented with some small metal flyhing club badges) we were able to refuel and took basic refreshments in a small briefing room on the apron. My log shows just an hour on the ground before we left for the aborted journey to Lake Garda. We were back on the ground at Icaro 1hr30 later, just ahead of some frontal rain.

The weather in this part of Italy is always humid inland, and can change rapidly as systems come down from the mountains around the Italian Lakes.



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