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Venice Lido LIPV 

The club has now made two one-day visits to Venice, both from our base at Icaro Village.


On the first visit in 2007 we took the train, very fast and cheap. In 2009 we opted for the more expensive but exhilarating flight into Venice Lido airport, which is located on one of the islands framing the lagoon at Venice. It is very straightforward then to take a boat across the lagoon to St Marks Square.

The flight itself tracks the coast from somewhere near the Po delta, over the town of Choggia and then along the string of islands terminating in Lido. Total journey from Icaro was only 1hr10. ATC is fairly formal from Choggia onwards with various reporting points. Lido airport is quite large, but grass, and the landing fee was €24 which is high in Italy. However, its very likely that ULMs are not allowed in there at all but as we had G registered aircraft and all were fixed wings, nothing was said. We also bought some very expensive AvGas there.

An uneventful journey home as the cu-nims started to build.

The following YouTube video from a Cessna on final for R05 gives a good pilot’s view


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